What We Are About

Siaberry is a cross  between Siacoin and the Raspberry Pi.  Using Sia you can host, but you will need to keep your PC or laptop always on. Considering that, SiaBerryOS was developed to utilize the low power state of the ARM board, Raspberry Pi 3, to have it act as the interface to the hosting mechanism. This would lead to the highest profitability ever in the area of crypto-based storage. Since the summer of 2017 two people have furiously been working on this new Farming Appliance and our team has now expanded even further since then. We believe that our brand and our products represent that we are a striving force in the crypto world.

Siacoin is going to be a great hit and on top of that, setting people up with Siaberry is a great way to expand Siacoin’s network dominance in crypto hosting.

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