Everybody keeps asking me what’s the ROI on a Siaberry.

Well, it takes 3 months just to close a contract and get paid!


Check out some of the stats on one of the first Siaberries which has been running for a about 4 months now.

Mind you, this is an early development phase OS running on this unit which has been since updated.

You can check out more stats of Sebuh’s Siaberry on Siahub.info also.



General Info:
Connectability Status: Host appears to be working.

Host Internal Settings:
acceptingcontracts: Yes
maxduration: 13 Weeks
maxdownloadbatchsize: 17.83 MB
maxrevisebatchsize: 17.83 MB
netaddress: (automatically determined)
windowsize: 24 Hours

collateral: 50 SC / TB / Month
collateralbudget: 100 KS
maxcollateral: 5 KS Per Contract

mincontractprice: 2 SC
mindownloadbandwidthprice: 25 SC / TB
minstorageprice: 75 SC / TB / Month
minuploadbandwidthprice: 25 SC / TB

Host Financials:
Contract Count: 1008
Transaction Fee Compensation: 64 SC
Potential Fee Compensation: 6.515 KS
Transaction Fee Expenses: 0 H

Storage Revenue: 48.71 SC
Potential Storage Revenue: 1.639 KS

Locked Collateral: 81.85 KS
Risked Collateral: 3.161 KS
Lost Collateral: 47.06 mS

Download Revenue: 172 mS
Potential Download Revenue: 10.85 SC
Upload Revenue: 1.988 SC
Potential Upload Revenue: 16.3 SC

RPC Stats:
Error Calls: 183
Unrecognized Calls: 657
Download Calls: 4595
Renew Calls: 43
Revise Calls: 8388
Settings Calls: 94673
FormContract Calls: 38

Storage Folders:
Used Capacity % Used Path
948.705 GB 7.2800 TB 13.03 /mnt/host1



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